Nazi Germany

This term in history we dealt with an amazing and shocking topic: Nazi Germany.

First, we were divided in groups and each group had to present a different topic. My group was conformed by: Maria Roggero, Otto Kreutzer and Benjamin Mayol and our topic was Nazi control. If you want to see it, it is attached below.


My other presentation was based on a fake Facebook of Anna Frank. I was with Rosario Vago, Jeronimo Leguizamon.

When we finished with the presentations, we had an interesting talk with Martin Leguizamon who had the privilege of being part of “Marcha por la vida” and  he told us about his experience. I was really shocked when he told us that he was walking through a beautiful forest and he suddenly found himself next to a very large hole were during “Marcha por la muerte” lots of dead people were thrown.

After this great experience, we went to the Holocaust museum. We took a lot of pictures that I will share with you below so you can feel the same goosebumps I felt when I was there. They also showed us a video about an holocaust survivor and the way he continued with his life after this terrible experience.


Here I will explain why I chose this six photos. The first one in which Adolf Hitler is shown, I chose it because he was the most important character of this terrible event and because through his speeches he convinced lots of people, thanks he was a good talker. The two photos were the David star is shown, I chose them because they represent the largest group of people that was victim of the nazi regime. The uniform and the number I chose it because it was the way in which the victims were uniformed and identified, this showed how the took peoples identity and changed into a simple number. And the last one, shows only a little part of the people who didn’t survived to the nazis power.

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